WASEL Advertising Solutions

  1. It is a pioneering Qatari project
  2. Having national, regional and international patent
  3. Provides innovative, sustainable & environment-friendly advertising solutions which is solar-powered
  4. Depends upon materials recycles by 100%.
  5. It has been developed and manufactured in Qatar.
  6. Depends on using the new technics based upon the concepts of sustainability and harmony with the surrounding environment.
  7. It is considered a pioneering initiative in the private sector seeking to achieve the vision of Qatar 2030 in the pillars of the economy and environment in a way that ensures harmony and consistency between the economic and social development and the environment protection

The project is administrated by the Qatari Anchor & Media Man Mohamed Al Beshri who is in the field of advertisement for 16 years. Al Beshri in his capacity as the CEO of the company undertakes the direct supervision in all phases of production of this Qatari innovation and making sure that all phases of manufacturing are of the required quality as per the latest industrial methods applying all international safety standards.

Movable “Wasel” Billboards


Advertising “Wasel” Containers


Wasel Mail Boxes


“Wasel” Unipoles & Roads Billboards